Relocation Guide

Relocation Guide

The Only Relocation Guide You'll Ever Need

It’s important for you to plan for every aspect of your move. The good news? We’ve got your back. We won’t lie – there’s a lot to do to prepare. Yet, by the time you’ve finally moved, you’ll be thankful you started early and had this epic moving checklist and smart tips guide to ensure you stay on top of your to-do list

Your Relocation Checklist

Moving won’t be half as difficult if you start on time and follow all these steps. If you remain nice and organized, you won’t even feel the stress of relocating! (Instead, it’ll be an enjoyable and memorable experience).

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  • Find a real estate agent to sell your home and/or buy one in your new city
  • Research your new city, things like:
    • Commute times
    • School and childcare options
    • Tax and insurance differences
    • Cost of living changes
  • Make a visit in person to nail down your housing
  • Pick one place (like a daily planner) to start tracking all your important info and numbers related to moving


  • Pick a good day to move
  • Create your moving budget
  • Hire and schedule movers or reserve a truck for a DIY move
  • Organize important records
  • Channel your inner Marie Kondo and start purging
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  • Gather packing materials like boxes, bubble wrap and tape
  • Pack non-essentials (think Star Wars collectibles) you won’t use over the next month
  • Begin change of address notifications
  • Update any accounts with your new address and notify your bank to avoid fraud
  • Schedule cancellation of existing utilities or services

2 WEEKS BEFORE MOVING DAY (Hang on, almost there!)

  • Set aside a box for essentials and important documents
    to pack last and unpack first on moving day
  • Schedule a final house cleaning
  • Set up utilities at your new home
  • Refill any prescriptions
  • Do pet checkups and grooming
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  • Snap a picture with your old house and take a moment to say goodbye
  • Load your things, trek to your new home, and get unloaded
  • Note any damages or missing items from the bill of lading (which is just a fancy term for a detailed list of items moved)
  • Install appliances
  • Reassemble furniture
  • Give yourself a high five and your movers a tip!


  • Unpack within two weeks and ditch those moving boxes—it’ll feel great
  • Review legal docs, like wills, to make sure they transfer to your new city
  • Update your license and vehicle tags
  • Check security and fire safety devices in your new home
  • Make your new city home! Find your new gym, church, hospital, shopping center and favorite Chinese takeout spot
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Now, that wasn’t so hard, was it? We’re glad you made it into your new home and we really enjoyed being there with you every step of the way! Get comfortable, relax, and take a day off. You’ve earned it.

Please Download the Buyers Checklist. Download this page in PDF File